The WordPress Zero Spam plugin

Are you tired of dealing with cumbersome and ineffective WordPress spam plugins? Look no further! The WordPress Zero Spam plugin simplifies the process of blocking spam effortlessly.

With WordPress Zero Spam, registration spam and comment spam are automatically thwarted without the need for any extra configuration or setup. Simply install, activate, and enjoy a spam-free website.

Zero Spam was originally developed based on the groundwork laid by David Walsh.

Key features of The WordPress Zero Spam include:

  • No Captcha: Spam shouldn’t burden users.
  • No Moderation Queues: Administrators shouldn’t have to deal with spam.
  • Blocks 99.9% of Spam Registrations & Comments: Effective spam prevention.
  • Supports Caching Plugins: Ensures optimal performance.
  • Blocks Spammy IPs: Prevents them from accessing your site.
  • Plugin Extension with Action Hooks: Customize and enhance functionality.
  • Integration with Themes & Plugins: Works seamlessly with any form on your site.
  • Optional Logging: Keep track of spam attempts.
  • Advanced Settings: Maintain complete control over configurations.

How to install the The WordPress Zero Spam plugin

Upload through the Plugins area in your WordPress Dashboard

click herer to download the plugin



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